About us

We help you make your documents accessible to people with learning disabilities.

Our mission

At Go Easy Read, our goal is to help you make your documents accessible for your readers with learning disabilities. We take a personal approach, making sure our translations are right for your readers.

Our history

Katy is an Easy Read translator and linguistics researcher. She has been an accessible formats translator since 2005. With a PhD in linguistics and voluntary experience co-writing with people with learning disabilities, Katy uses her knowledge of language to create informed and accessible translations.

Peter is a communications specialist with 20 years experience of writing informative and engaging texts for a range of audiences. Peter specialises in making complex information accessible for the general public.

Together we set up Go Easy Read to offer Easy Read translations which are carefully designed, with the reader in mind.

Go Easy Read is an active member of the UK Association of Accessible Formats (UKAAF). UKAAF sets the standards for accessible translations in the UK.