We can translate any original document into Easy Read.

For example:

  • letters
  • questionnaires
  • consultations
  • policy statements
  • financial documents
  • magazines
  • leaflets
  • web pages
  • reports

Simply email us your document and we will translate it into text and images, making it accessible for people with learning disabilities.

We can deal with complex documents, including tables, graphs, forms and other detailed images.

We use high-quality images from PhotoSymbols and other photograph libraries and can usually adapt your images, if required. We can also use your brand colours and logos.

We include three rounds of amendments with every translation, giving you peace of mind that your document it is just right for your readers.

We work closely with specialists by experience who having learning disabilities. They can read and give feedback on our documents to make sure our Easy Read documents are accessible and produced to a high standard. We can get your documents checked by these experts by experience for an additional charge.

Here are some example pages of our Easy Read translation. Please contact us if you would like samples sent to you by post.